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One of the best Apple Watch apps coming to iPhone with iOS 16

One of the best Apple Watch apps coming to iPhone with iOS 16

iOS 16 will lead to iPhone one of the best apps and functions of the Manzana Watch without the need for users to have one.

What’s new in iOS 16

There have been many novelties that, after the presentation of iOS 16we have seen that they will reach iPhone. Not only for the presentation itself but also thanks to the users and developers who have installed the beta and who many others have been discovered.

And there is a quite interesting novelty that if it was presented in the past key note, but perhaps it would go a little unnoticed. We are talking about the arrival of a “new” application to iPhone with iOS 16.

The Fitness app comes with iOS 16 to all iPhones without the need for Apple Watch

It is, specifically, the app Fitness. To many of you, if you are possessors of a Manzana Watch, this may surprise you. But the truth is that, in case you don’t have a Manzana Watchthis application is not available in the iPhone. It only appears in iPhone once an Apple Watch has been linked to it and to the account Manzana.

But that, as we say, with iOS 16 it will change completely. Once the users of iPhone install this update the application Fitness will appear, by default, on all devices with iOS 16.

The Fitness app on iPhone

Of course, the app will not be as complete as for those users of Manzana Watch. The app will measure, without the Manzana Watchonly the Movement Ring. This thanks to the sensors of the iPhone so it will calculate the cal burned. But, you can also record workouts carried out with other applications and also see parameters such as steps.

Of course, the inclusion of this app “natively” in the iPhone and no need to Manzana Watch It is something quite remarkable. And really interesting since its inclusion makes the iPhone much more complete and less dependent on apps Health.