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OS X Server: Wiki embeds youtube video into the page

OS X Server: Wiki embeds youtube video into the page

In the OS X server using the wiki function, I want to embed a youtube.com video on a page. I thought the process was to switch to HTML encoding when doing the Wiki entry and cut and paste the embedded HTML as a youtube video tag into the post along with all other content.

<iframe   src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/mylinkaddress" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> 

When I save the page, it doesn’t show up…. which makes sense since when I come back to edit the page and view the HTML, the tag is gone. The OS X server appears to reject the tag as invalid when saving the page.

How can I get the OS X server to support inserting video into pages?

This occurs on the blog and on the wiki.

Update: This is the Wiki Server

I’ve h ad the same problem .

On the server terminal.app upload to the Utilities folder and type:

On Monte Leone:

 sudo defaults write /Library/Server/Wiki/Config/collabd.plist FiltersEnabled false 

On the lion:

 sudo defaults write /etc/collabd/collabd.plist FiltersEnabled false 

You may need to turn off the Wiki Service and later to access the settings. You can do this by typing:

 sudo serveradmin stop wiki 


 sudo serveradmin start wiki 

in the Terminal.

After trying this solution and editing the following file

 /Library/Application Support/Apple/WikiServer/whitelist.plist 

I then realized that I had to add the tag from this article… duh

What I added was this the following XML:

  <key>iframe</key> <arrays> <string>frameborder</string> <string>title</string> <string>width</string> <string>height</string> <string>src</string> <string>allowfullscreen</string> </arrays> 

The wiki server must then be looped out

 sudo serveradmin stop teams sudo serveradmin start teams 

Here is the complete configuration of the plist