PS4 Remote Play for iOS: play your PS4 from your iPhone or iPad

PS4 Remote Play can now be downloaded to devices ios which will allow us to play our favorite games of the PS4 in our iPhone or iPad.

PS4 Remote Play a is available on iOS

The app PS4 Remote Play It was released a few years ago for a Sony Xperia, a PlayStation brand smartphone. Later it was released for Mac and PC, allowing us to play our favorite PS4 games on our computers. And, finally, we have it on iOS devices.

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With PS4 Remote Pro we can use our iPad to play our PlayStation

For the application to work on our devices ios all we have to do is download it to a device with iOS 12.1 and follow some steps. In addition to having the application downloaded, we must have the firmware of our console updated to the version 6.5.

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PS4 Remote Play for iOS: play your PS4 from your iPhone or iPad

The application settings

In addition to the need to download the app and update the console, both devices will have to be on the same network Wifi so they can connect. And it is an essential requirement that this network Wifi be a high-speed network, as indicated when downloading the app. This is because we are facing a very large data transmission.

PS4 Remote Play for iOS: play your PS4 from your iPhone or iPad

The connection screen of the iOS device with the PS4

Once all the steps have been followed, we can have our PS4 in our iPhone or iPad. Thus, we will see the screen of the PS4 duplicated on our device next to a virtual remote control on the screen. At the moment, the app does not work with external controls.

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The application itself mentions that it is not compatible with the Dualshock 4 controller of its own PlayStation. This support and support for MFI controllers are likely to arrive with later updates. Which would make perfect sense to use this app on an iPad.

In this way now, in addition to our Mac, we can play the games of the PS4 from our iPhone or iPad, more than recommended in this last device. Although there are many PS4 games that have made it to the App Store in lighter versions, nothing better than the original game in our iPhone or iPad. We recommend you download it.

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