Serious Sam 4 supports State Share on Stadia

Released as an exclusive console on Google Stadia, Serious Sam 4 is receiving a platform-specific feature update. Available now, Serious Sam 4 now supports State Share on Stadia.

Announced today, Devolver Digital and Google have made Serious Sam 4 State Share compliant. It’s just the latest game to support this unique feature. State Share allows players to take a screenshot or “snapshot” in game, which other players can use to jump to that part of the game. The Hitman series supports this feature, as do the exclusive PixelJunk Raiders and, more recently, the remastering of Sega’s Judgment.

In Serious Sam 4, this feature allows players to create a state to share each time they finish a round of the game. “Survival” mode. Other players can jump to those screenshots to play in the same mode and map.

Today in Serious Sam 4, a new update adds State Share support. This allows players to create game states when you finish a round of the Survival game mode on any of the three available maps. Sharing a screenshot / game status when you finish a round allows you to invite your friends to play in the same mode, on the same map, and challenge them to match or beat your time.

Serious Sam 4 joins the growing number of compatible games to bring State Share to players like the series HITMAN, Judgment and PixelJunk Raiders. Try State Share on Serious Sam 4 today!