Simple game to play with friends on iPhone

Are you with friends and you get bored? We bring you one of the simplest applications to have a good time at meetings, dinners, breaks… . A simple game with which you can play with friends in the iPhone.

Simple game to play with friends

We are constantly searching the App Store for Best Apps for your iPhone. Today we have come across a hyper simple application that can be given different types of use. We can play thanks to it or, also, make decisions in a simple way.

His name is Chooser! and we have discovered it thanks to our weekly compilation of the most downloaded apps of the week. An app that in our country, today, is not very well known but in other countries it is being downloaded a lot.

App to make decisions or to use as a simple game to play with friends:

We can use Chooser! as an application to make decisions, make choices or to play games. As we rightly titled in the article, we are going to focus on it for fun and we can get this in a very simple way.

Play Chooser!, one of the easiest games on the App Store

The participants put their finger on the screen of the iPhone and the app will take care, after a few seconds, of highlighting or marking a finger among all the players. That person will be the one chosen to carry out an option that has been proposed in the game, answer a question or will be eliminated from some selection process that you have invented.

The theme of the game is already up to you. You will be able to create a game of questions and answers, an elimination game… that is up to you and your creative capacity.

We provide you with the application with which to carry out the selection process which, as you can see, is super simple. You can also set the number of winners in each game, with a maximum of 4 winners.

Configure this simple game to your liking

It also provides different themes that will allow you to configure the app to your liking, both internally and the color of the app icon itself.

Chooser Themes!

Undoubtedly one of the simplest apps of all app store and to which you can get a lot out of it.

Download Chooser!