Steam Link Anywhere will allow you to enjoy PC games on your Android

Steam Link announced the launch of Steam Link Anywhere, the new feature that, as its name suggests, allows you to play games on your computer on your Android mobile anywhere.

It’s a big change from the current Steam Link app, which used to allow users to only stream games within their own homes. This new expansion makes Steam Link a much more powerful feature, combined with the Android app. Steam Link Anywhere will theoretically allow users to stream games from their computers to play anywhere they have the Internet.

According to Valve, Steam Link Anywhere is in its early beta, but users can already test it out by downloading the new Steam Link beta build 688 on their gaming PC. The company says the only requirements for Steam Link Anywhere are a good charging connection for the host computer and a good network connection for the phone you are playing on.

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Right now, just Android, Raspberry Pi and the hardware discontinued from Steam Link They work with Steam Link Anywhere, but it’s easy to imagine that Steam could add a similar feature for PC-to-PC streaming as Steam Link already offers at home.

Steam Link Anywhere will compete with Google’s Project Stream

The timing of the announcement is also significant: Steam is planting a flag for game streaming just ahead of GDC 2019, where Google is expected to pull the role of new streaming game service Project Stream at an event on March 19. Google is expected to make a big push for game streaming, possibly even announcing its own gaming hardware for the first time. Steam’s announcement seems to be an indication that it’s not willing to give up space without a fight.

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Google isn’t the only competitor Steam has here either: Microsoft just showcased a new home game streaming from a PC to an Xbox console that looks a lot like the existing Steam Link functionality. And the next game streaming service Microsoft xCloud seems poised to challenge both Steam and Google in the broader game streaming space.