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Stop targeted advertising and “inappropriate videos” on TikTok

Stop targeted advertising and “inappropriate videos” on TikTok

In the field of technology and social networks, TikTok is certainly one of the absolute protagonists. The social network based mainly on the short video content can count on a number of users on a par with Meta platforms.

Just TikTok in the last few days has become the protagonist of a couple of particular eventswhich closely concern the processing of personal data of users and its user base in Europe. The social network has in fact had an indirect clash with the Italian Privacy Guarantor.

At the base of everything we find the choice of TikTok to propose targeted advertisements for its users based on the history of content visited and published by the users themselves. This novelty would have been of particular relevance in terms of privacybecause TikTok should have change its personal data management policy.

The change should have matched the elimination of explicit consent by users to use their personal data, such as the history of content visited and published, to offer them targeted and personalized content, in favor of legitimate interests of TikTok and its partners.

This has alarmed the Privacy Guarantor, because the change that TikTok had in mind does not comply with the ePrivacy rules of 2022 and the GDPR which came into force at European level. On this basis, they were asked for clarification to TikTok, which, however, would have done reverse by forgoing personalized advertising.

Also in this context, TikTok announced its intention to introduce a new categorization of the contents proposed in the feeds according to age of users. The aim would be to limit the proposition of to minors content centered on sensitive topicswhich for the little ones can be inappropriate.

A video that is classified as mature or inappropriate, such as may be a video with particularly impressive content, will therefore not automatically appear in the feed of users aged between 13 and 17 yearsbut a notice to inform of sensitive content.

TikTok did not report how are you going to to classify the videos and not even how i defined criteria for defining mature or inappropriate for minors the content of the videos on its platform.