Super Mario Run is coming to Android

As we all know, Apple always tries to promote its devices ios among other things with video game exclusives. The last of them was Super mario run. Which was presented at the last Apple conference with great anticipation. But don’t worry, it will come to Android.

Possibly that is the big question that the users of the Google system asked themselves, what would happen to Android, would it come? Well the answer is yes. What is not known is when it will arrive.

The source is Kotaku, following a response from Nintendo. “We will release the game on Android devices sometime in the future.” That is the big downside. I do not know how long we will have to wait to see it on Android. Maybe we can be thinking about a year, since Apple exclusives usually last for about a year of exclusivity. But it remains to be seen if it is true.

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Simple game that will keep the style

Super Mario Run is a video game based on the classic with new graphics in the style of New Super Mario Bros. Mario will run alone and we will have to press to jump and dodge obstacles. In addition, the option to multiplayer for two.

We will see how long we have to wait and we hope that some future Nintendo game for mobile devices will be launched or why not, have exclusivity with Android