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The 3 best Android apps to tune your guitar

The 3 best Android apps to tune your guitar

Playing the guitar offers an escape from the world, the opportunity to focus on the music and enjoy time with your favorite instrument. However, tuning the guitar can be a real hassle, especially for beginners, and can prevent you from playing. Fortunately, there are Android apps to help you tune your guitar. These apps will make it easy for you and ensure that you can start playing as quickly as possible!

1. Fender Tune Digital

Fender Tune Digital is an elegant and useful application that allows you to tune your guitar with ease, be it electric, acoustic, bass or ukulele.

The application is free for automatic and manual tuning of the above instruments. Plus, creating an account gives you access to a professional tuner feature, 5,000+ chord diagrams, 2,000+ scale patterns, metronome, and drum tracks. And the best of all? Allows you to save custom tuning files.

The automatic tuner it will wait to hear the notes you play on your instrument, telling you whether the note should be tuned up or down, if at all. The manual tuner lets you play strings in the app, then play the same string on your instrument to measure by ear how in tune your instrument is.

This difference in tuning focus between automatic and manual gives you full control and ensures that the app is suited to musicians of any skill level.

The app has eight quick videos to help you tune, and features Ukulele Tune tips, intermediate tips, and tips on how to use Fender Tune. Finally, under the Fender Play tab, there are thousands of easy-to-follow lessons to help you learn to play the guitar.

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2. Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner – Ukulele & Bass, by Gismart, focuses on educating musicians, helping you tune your instruments to perfection and focus on really playing and improving.

Like the other applications presented, this application has a tab of tuner It can be used as a manual or automatic tuner. It also has a chromatic tuner, which helps to show the pitch of the notes played.

Your tab Games offers guitar games, a metronome, and chord learning activities to take your playing skills to the next level.

You can also adjust the settings through the tab Guitars, selecting the type of tuning you want. For example, standard, drop D, A to A (baritone), and so on.

The app starts with a three-day trial, which then becomes the premium model that can be canceled at any time.

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3. GuitarTuna

GuitarTuna allows you dozens of tuning options on a wide variety of instruments. It has many options for settings and is suitable for musicians of different skill levels.

its Tuner tab allows you to tune automatically, playing strings on your instrument that the app will pick up, or tune manually by tapping strings in the app and using your ear to match your instrument to it until it is tuned correctly. You can choose what type of instrument you are using, as well as the number of strings.

The app features a metronome so you can train your precision and speed, and a chord library that features a collection of guitar and ukulele chords, as well as their variations.

The eyelash Games is full of activities to help you learn chords, chord diagrams, and chord trainers.

The setting it is very capable, allowing you to switch to left-handed mode, disable SFX “tuned”, and calibrate to a specific hertz threshold.

Lastly, the eyelashes Yousician and Songs by GuitarTuna lead you to download Yousician, their main app that features thousands of songs, tracks your progress in practice, and lets you compete for high scores against other musicians using the app.

Using apps like this, as well as an app to help you learn to play the guitar, can be a great way to learn to play the instrument quickly, teaching you good playing habits and how to tune intuitively so that you eventually don’t need an instrument.

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Tune your instruments

These Android guitar tuning apps will make tuning your string instruments much less complicated, allowing you to focus on playing and improving. Whether you’re a beginning musician, coming back from a break, or just hating tuning, these apps are sure to help you.