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The best Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals for your iPhone

The best Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals for your iPhone

D-day has just started in Amazon. That is why we bring you the best Prime Day 2018 deals, for your devices ios.

Prime Day 2018 Deals

We have reviewed all the offers of the Prime day looking for the best deals in accessories for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.

If you did not know, between 12h. today, July 16, and 11:59 p.m. tomorrow Tuesday 17, we are in the most important day of online shopping, along with BlackFriday. Amazon He throws the house out the window and offers us 36 hours of great deals for his paying customers.

If you are not a Prime user, we recommend doing so. In the following article we explain how to get Amazon Prime to take advantage of the magnificent sales that are appearing on the platform of this e-commerce giant.

Below we show you the best offers we have seen, in device accessories iOS.

The best Prime Day 2018 offers:

iPhone 7 on sale:

iPhone 7 on sale

The iPhone on sale on Amazon’s Prime Day, is next. A iPhone 7 that will surely satisfy the expectations of those who want to have an iPhone. Press a HERE to access the offer.

Very cheap airpods:

AirPords for only € 134

Surely you will NEVER find them so cheap. Take advantage and buy them before Tuesday 17 at 11:59 p.m. Click HERE to buy them for € 134 RUN THEY ARE SOLD OUT !!!. (If you don’t want to spend that money, click below to access the Prime Day Wireless Headphone Deals)

Portable Speakers:

By clicking on the following link you will access the entire offer of Prime Day 2018 portable speakers. Among all, we highlight the following:

Headband Bluetooth Headphones:

In the following link you have the headband bluetooth helmets on sale on Prime Day. We name you the one that seems most interesting and compatible with ios:

Fitbit Devices for iPhone:

Almost all devices Fitbit They are on sale. Click below to access all Fitbit products discounted on Prime Day. Of all of them, which are all very good, we highlight the following:

Philips Hue Deals:

Enter the world of smart bulbs that you can control from your iPhone. In the following link we pass you all the Prime Day Philips Hue light bulb offer. Of all, we highlight the following:

POLAR products on offer:

On sale a large number of the products POLAR. Click on the following link to access all the Polar watches on sale. Of all, we highlight the following:

PARROT BEBOP 2 drone at a good price:

Drone on offer

If you want to buy a DROn, do not hesitate to take advantage of the next offer. During the days of Prime Day, it happens to cost € 499 to be alone € 279. Click HERE to get hold of him.

Garmin Fenix ​​5 on sale:

If you want to have a Garmin watch, one of the best in its category, take advantage of the following offer. Pass € 599.99 to be alone € 349.

We hope you liked them and you have made the most of them.