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The Google password manager arrives on the Android home

The Google password manager arrives on the Android home

For several years now, too Google offers a password manager to its users: it is essentially a software that saves all access to websites or applications (therefore username and password) and therefore allows the user to access a specific service quickly, without entering the credentials each time. The Google password manager is obviously available on Chromethe company’s browser, via the web app and also on the Android smartphone.

On Android in particular, the password manager gives the best of himself: in fact, it is enough to authenticate with unlocking by fingerprint or face detection to automatically enter the credentials saved in the password manager in the form, without typing anything. But unfortunately this useful service is not available via the app and therefore, to have a look at all the saved passwords, you have to go to Settings> Privacy> Google Autofill> Passwords.

It is obviously one quite long and tedious procedure, as well as decidedly not very intuitive for less experienced users and who do not fully know all the intricacies of the Android operating system. However, Google has finally found a practical solution, included in the latest Google Play Services update recently released (from this page you can still manually check for updates).

Starting from version 22.18 of the Play Services it is indeed possible add a handy shortcut for the password manager directly on the home screen of your launcher: to do this, just go to the password manager screen (following the path explained above) and click on the gear icon at the top right. From here, just select the item “Add shortcut to home screen” and that’s it.

In this regard, we remind you that there are several alternatives, free or not, to the Google password manager: LastPass is a very popular and appreciated service that also offers the possibility of synchronizing the access credentials even with operating systems other than those of Google, Bitwarden it is free, open-source and very powerful, since it allows you to generate unique passwords and aliases for email addresses. Here you will find a series of password managers and their characteristics.