The makers of The Last of Us can work on a fantasy game


  • Hyoung Nam, senior concept artist at Naughty Dog, has published three “new game inspired” drawings;
  • if this “new game” is an upcoming work from the creators of The Last of Us and Uncharted, it can be assumed that this time the developers are preparing a fantasy production;
  • so far we have not received an official comment from the studio.
  • There is no doubt that Naughty Dog, like other Sony Worldwide Studios teams, is working on a new project aimed at PlayStation 5 (the possible issue of the PlayStation 4 version remains open). Although we have not yet received its official announcement, we probably cannot count on new Uncharted by the current creators of the main parts of the series, or on the third The Last of Us. The solution to the mystery of what Neil Druckmann and the company is preparing for us can be three concept sketches published on the website ArtStation by Hyoung Nama, Senior Concept Artist at Naughty Dog. Based on them, it can be assumed that this time the team will take us to … a fantasy world inspired by the Middle Ages.

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    Although Nam did not say it directly, he described the published works as follows:

    Inspired by a new game. You know what I’m talking about …;)

    What can we see in the graphics published by him? The first shows an armored and sword-wielding woman sitting on the carcass of a slaughtered (probably alone, as the weapon is dripping blood) of a dragon-like reptile. The second shows a woman dressed in a primitive, almost prehistoric outfit (it consists of bone ornaments and leather robes), while the third shows … another woman whose clothes (especially a headdress) and an attribute in the form of a staff crowned with a skull allow us to assume that that she is a shaman. The whole title was entitled Women of the North.

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    The makers of The Last of Us can work on a fantasy game
    The makers of The Last of Us can work on a fantasy game
    The makers of The Last of Us can work on a fantasy game

    On the one hand Senior Concept Artist’s ArtStation account doesn’t seem like the best place for a studio of this caliber to reveal a new design. On the other hand, Naughty Dog is known to be quite early (and sometimes also in unusual ways) teases his works. Another thing is that Nam only mentions the “new game” that inspired him, not the “new Naughty Dog game”. He could also be pushed to create these graphics by the announcements of the fourth Dragon Age, Crimson Desert or even Horizon: Forbidden West.

    Until Naughty Dog has spoken on the matter, we can’t be sure of anything. Who knows, maybe at this year’s E3 (hopefully the world will return to normal by June and this “players’ festival” will actually take place) we will hear a bit about the new work of this team?

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  • Naughty Dog official website
  • Hyoung Nam’s profile on ArtStation