The Medium – Tomasz Bagiński is haunting with an acting trailer

Polish The Medium from Bloober Team, responsible for the recent Blair Witch and both parts of Layers of Fear, has already received several trailers. However, the newest that appeared on the web today is somewhat different from the previous ones. All because there are real actors in it, not their digital versions. We invite you to the screening:

The above clip was directed by Paweł Maślona. Tomasz Bagiński himself was responsible for the script and production, i.e. the creator of the Oscar-nominated Cathedral, currently known primarily for his work on the Witcher series from the Netflix platform. The special effects visible on the trailer were created by Platige Image.

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Premiere The Medium is scheduled for January 28, 2021. The title will be available on PC and Xbox Series X / S in the Polish language.

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