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The most outstanding new applications that have come to iOS

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The most outstanding new applications that have come to iOS

Compilation of the new apps most outstanding, which have reached the app store in the last days. Surely some of them, if not all, will come in handy.

New apps for iOS

What would a week be without New applications?. We need them to refresh the content of our devices and to see if one arrives that can replace one that we have on the main screen of phones and/or tablets.

If you are one of those people who likes to be up to date in terms of apps for iPhone, do not miss the following compilation. You’re going to love it.

New applications for iPhone and iPad:

Below we mention the most outstanding new apps, released in the apps Store between May 5 and 12, 2022.

Dislyte :


Highly downloaded RPG game worldwide since its recent release in which you must fight alongside heroes with divine powers. Feel the rhythm and experience this world of great visual appeal.

Download Dislyte

Teleprompter- :


With this app you can read your scripts, dialogues or anything very easily and without worrying about forgetting the next line. This app works fine on your iPhone and iPad without any issues.

Download Teleprompter

Relax Music on Wallpapers HQ :

Relax Music on Wallpapers HQ

Do you need music to relax and take a look at beautiful wallpapers? This app is what you need. Beautiful relaxing sounds to listen and relax while traveling through beautiful wallpapers.

Download Relax Music on Wallpapers HQ

CoSo by Splice :


AI-assisted sound creation app that lets you follow your instincts and make music on the fly. Whether you’re creating unique music for your social media posts or getting inspiration for your next hit, CoSo is the app that puts instinctive creation at your fingertips.

Download CoSo

Thorn And Balloons :

Thorn And Balloons

Very interesting casual game. In it you must control the force and angle to launch the ball of thorns, which will bounce and explode when it hits the wall, and all the balloons will break when bouncing to win. A game that a lot of people are playing.

Download Thorn And Balloons

Without further ado and hoping that you have liked the selected releases of the week, we are waiting for you next week with new applications.