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The new features of iOS 16 that Apple has borrowed from Android

The new features of iOS 16 that Apple has borrowed from Android

Apple, on the occasion of WWDC 2022, unveiled iOS 16, the new version of the operating system dedicated to the iPhone which will debut in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 14. Some of the innovations that will be introduced with the new version of iOS, however, already know, and obviously when we say “already seen” we refer to Android. Here are a few examples of features that iOS 16 has (blatantly?) borrowed from Android.

Customizable lock screen

Among the novelties that have caused the most “amazement” there is certainly that relating to the possibility of customize the lockscreen of iPhones with iOS 16. In short, Apple is giving more and more space to customization, which has always been one of the flagships of Android and of those who throw themselves into the eternal discussions Android vs. iPhone.

Among the parameters to be modified are i colors and the font, and the option of add widgets related to battery, weather and the like. You can also create multiple lockscreens and associate each of them with different modes of use. There are those who, seeing the weather on the lockscreen, remembered the legendary one weather on the HTC Sense lockscreen.

However, it must be admitted that over time the Android lock screen has become more and more “static”, while that of iOS is evolving (with perhaps old but unreleased features on the iPhone). In any case, in the Reel below we will show you an overview of these novelties.

Haptic feedback for the keyboard

On iOS there is no way to put haptic feedback on the keyboard, at least so far. With iOS 16, in the menu Sounds and haptic feedback, you can finally activate the vibration on the keyboard. How do you say? Has it been on Android for a lifetime? Yes. At last Apple must have realized that it made no sense not to give users the option of choosing whether to have it or not.

Shared photo library

The iCloud Shared Photo Library that allows families to “easily share their memories with a separate iCloud library” is something we’ve actually seen for some time on Google Photos. Creating an album and inviting users who can add and manage photos is the order of the day on the Google home service. Nice, however, the possibility of having the Camera app automatically send the shots to the shared folder, without necessarily having to go to the Photo Library.

Apple Maps and multi-stage navigation

Among the innovations that iOS 16 will bring to Apple Maps there is also the possibility of adding itineraries with several stops. You can then plan up to 15 different stages and synchronize them from the Mac to the iPhone before leaving. Nothing new regarding Android and Google Maps, both for synchronization and for multi-stage. Only note: Apple Maps will allow 15 stages, Google Maps stops at 10.

Look at the original file

Look at the original file

The so-called is also on the way to Apple Maps City Experience, a 3D view of certain cities. In comparison to the new immersive maps of Google Maps, however, they seem very little.

Look at the original file

Look at the original file

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