The next version of Android could be listening to us at all times

Motorola’s new device, the Moto X, is giving clues about what we could find next in the Android system. One of these novelties would be that the device would always be listening to us in case we say any voice instructions.

It would all be based on Google NowThus, for example, if we speak to the terminal with “Okay Google Now” the smartphone would be unlocked without having to make any gestures or go through some kind of screen lock. The voice recognizer would always be activated to be able to use it at any time.

These voice memos that we can use with the phone, it will also have functions available even when locked. In this way, he will always be attentive to our needs, having the microphone activated at all times. Which some may or may not like. In all respects, it is very similar to the system that Kinect 2.0 mounts.

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This would be the way that Google would have to promote one of its latest developments such as Google Now and make it more protagonist on our device.

With all that said, it will also include a new way to open the camera app or one new way of notifications on the lock screen.

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