There are more than 3 billion active Android phones

There are currently more than 3 billion Android mobiles active in nature. Sameer Samat, vice president of product management at Google, announced the news at Google I / O 2021, which is live, but fully online, this year.

Google added more than 500 million active Android phones since its last developer conference in 2019; also one billion mobile phones since 2017 (it was then when it reached the 2 billion mark). The number is taken from the Google Play Store, which does not take into account Android-based account smartphones but uses alternative stores, including Amazon Fire devices and the large number of Chinese Android-based mobiles that avoid the use of Google applications altogether. That means the number of active Android phones is likely much higher than what Samat announced on the live stream.

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The news also feels like a flex against Apple. Apple announced more than 1 billion active iPhones earlier this year, just a third of the number of Android phones. It’s a bold reminder that Apple’s dominance of smartphones and tablets is largely limited to the United States and a few other regions. For everyone else, it’s 3 billion active Android phones.