These are all the changes that are coming to Instagram

Instagram has released a new update of its application in which it modifies many aspects of many of the functions already available.

Many aesthetic changes are coming to Instagram

It’s been some time since Instagram, they are fairly constantly adding features to their app. Many of these functions are appearing for some users before others as a test and acceptance of them.

Not long ago, it started testing on some profiles the possibility of being able to pin to the top of our feed on our profiles. And today, officially, some changes have been made known that affect the entire photography social network.

These Instagram changes are mainly aesthetic

We are talking about some changes that many users had already been able to notice since a couple of updates. But now, of official and final form They are here to stay for all users through the latest app update.

These changes that we mention are, mainly, aesthetic changes. And we start with the “redesign» of the app logo. Now, the application logo is more striking, having illuminated its colors making it more vibrant.

Changes to Story elements

This modification of the colors to make them more vibrant and striking is also noticeable in the elements that we can use in the Stories. Almost all of them, such as location, mention, etc., have had their colors changed. And not only that, but its typography has also been modified to a so-called Instagram San that is here to stay.

Finally, it also seems that the way of viewing the content in the app is going to be modified. This doesn’t seem to be operational yet, but it looks like a full-screen interface that puts content first in the app is going to be implemented.

Of course there are quite a few changes. flashy and that, although they are mostly aesthetic, they say a lot about the direction it can take Instagram. What do you think these changes to you?