These are the news that iPadOS 16 will bring to the iPad

iPad OS 16 has already been presented and, together with iOS 16will premiere many functions in the iPad to make it much more versatile.

iPadOS 16 is here

It was, along with iOS 16, one of the most anticipated updates. We talk about iPad OS 16presented this afternoon at the WWDC 2022 Keynote along with the rest of the operating systems and that will lead to iPad lots of news that we tell you below.

These are the news that come to the iPad with iPadOS 16:

It’s new iPad OS 16 will include, how could it be otherwise, many of the new features of iOS 16. Among them the photo library shared in iCloudimprovements in Messages and in Mailthe new forms of collaboration between apps, the Access Keys in Safari and apps, Live text on video or improvements to Notifications Y Concentration Modesamong other.

As an exclusive novelty we find the new Visual Organize. It is an “evolution” of multitasking and allows you to change the size of windows and apps and have them superimposed. It also allows you to switch apps instantly by placing it on the right side and creating groups of apps, organizing them to your liking.

iPad OS 16 also includes support for external monitors. In this way, we can work with monitors. It also includes a new Reference mode and a new Screen Scaling Mode for apps to display more information.

The new iPad Visual Organizer

The update also includes, finally, the app Weather for him iPad. And a new panel arrives Game Center with which the experience is enhanced Gaming in the iPad with features like SharePlay for games. In addition, the “computer” aspect of the iPadcarrying many functions of the apps of the Mac to the iPad to enhance it even more, improvements in Grades Y Remindersand a new app available later called Freeform.

As we have discussed with iOS 16we imagine that there are still many hidden surprises in iPadOS 16. And it always happens that in the different betas, until the final launch of the operating system, features and news not announced by Manzana.

Like iOS 16, developers can install the beta today. The rest of the users will have to wait for the public beta in July or until the final launch in the Autumn. What do you think about it iPad OS 16? Which feature catches your attention the most?