These could be the capacities of the batteries of the iPhone 14

The possible capabilities of futures iPhone 14in all its possible versions, have been leaked a few months after its presentation.

News about iPhone 14

There are just over two months left to find out what the future ones will be like iPhone of Manzana. If everything goes according to plan, they will be called iPhone 14with its variables Max Y Proand we should see the presentation of the same in September 2022.

As the months go by, we can see a continuous trickle of rumors and leaks. Among all these rumors we have been able to know his almost complete design, including its modifications Y many of its features as well as his possible price.

The battery capacity of all iPhone 14, except the 14 Pro Max, would increase

But now, in addition, one of what may be the most important feature has been leaked. We are talking about batteries. iPhone 14 and their capabilities and power. This directly affects their duration.

starting with the iPhone 14the battery of the same would have 3279mAh and the new iPhone 14Max 4325mAh. Regarding the models Prothe battery of the iPhone 14 Pro would be 3200mAh and that of iPhone 14 Pro Max, 4323mAh. In all of them except the ProMax in which there is a slight decrease, there is an increase that, predictably, will make the battery last longer.

The molds of the future iPhone 14

In addition to these new rumors or leaks regarding the capacity and power of the batteries of the iPhone 14, 14 Max, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Maxit should be added that the possible capacities of the memory are already known RAM. And it would be foreseen that, the same, out of 6GB on all models.

As we always say, this is about rumors and leaks. And although in recent times many of the rumors and leaks have been completely correct, you should always be cautious towards them.

At the moment these are the news that are known. Less and less is missing to know what the future iPhone 14 will bring. And we will keep you abreast of all the rumors and leaks that may exist until then.