Transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone is finally possible

It is Zuckerberg himself to announce it: finally comes the possibility of transfer WhatsApp chats from Android smartphone to iPhone. And in reality we are not talking only about chat, but about all the information usually saved on your Android smartphone.

With a post in which Zuckerberg himself confirms that it was one of the features most requested by usersannounces the arrival of the functionality that will allow to transfer chats, photos, videos and voice messages from Android smartphones to iPhone, all while maintaining the end-to-end encryption that characterizes WhatsApp.

A few months ago the function that allowed to pass had arrived backup WhatsApp from iPhone to a selection of Android smartphones (Samsung primarily). Finally, the opposite operation can also be done. It may seem strange, but there are those who are afraid of making the switch from one platform to another even for factors like these. The transfer of WhatsApp chats from one platform to another has always been a very important issue for users, and knowing that there are messaging services such as Telegram that allow you to do it without major problems certainly does not play in favor of the Meta home service.

To be able to switch WhatsApp chats from Android to iphone you will need to have at least Android 5.0 and an iPhone updated to the iOS version 15.5. Considering that iOS 16 is in beta, the transfer does not necessarily work properly on the newest version of the iPhone OS. You won’t need the cable to make the transfer, but both smartphones will need to be connected to a power supply and be connected to the same Wi-Fi. Not only that: the iPhone that will receive the data must be new or just resetso you can use the application Move to iOS.