Trivial for Chromecast with Trivia Cast

Since Chromecast landed in Spain, the truth is that its popularity has risen like foam and more and more users are opting for the services of this platform that, for very little, allows content to be played directly on television from a PC or Android device, something that is causing the number of apps to grow exponentially as well.

Well, one example of this is Trivia Cast, a game through which players will follow a question and answer mechanic that they will play from their mobile terminal and connected to the Chromecast network, in such a way that all players can visualize the questions on television during the game.

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A screen in which, in addition, a series of details will appear that will be fundamental for the players, such as the results obtained by each participant as well as the final rankings. Previously, the player can generate a game almost at will, allowing the app to configure the number of questions they want to be asked, the maximum waiting time to answer, the categories and topics they will understand, as well as the difficulty of the questions. themselves.

Download Trivia Cast

As a curious point and added value, since it is a specification that can be used a lot if it is played with friends or family, you can add your own questions to the game. To do this, simply enter them in a private Google Docs spreadsheet and that’s it. You yourself will be able to verify that it is a very simple interface that, although it could be improved aesthetically, the truth is that in essence it is the same and it is a success. Many options that this app offers you to enjoy a good time without leaving home.

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