We can now easily transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone

A long-awaited feature is now available for users of WhatsApp which will make switching devices much easier.

A long-awaited feature

In the middle of last year, a very interesting news broke regarding WhatsApp. Apparently, from the most used instant messaging app, they were working on a simple way to transfer our WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone.

This feature was present on some devices Android that allowed a transfer of the chats and data of WhatsApp of devices iPhone a Android. But this function was still pending to do the same but in reverse.

To transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone, the Transfer to iOS app would be necessary

But this has changed since it seems that it is already available to be able to transfer the chats and data of WhatsApp of Android a iPhone. And, apparently, the operation is based, as rumored, on the Android app Move to iOS or Pass to iOS.

The way to use this function will be really simple. The first thing to do is download, from a device Androidthe app Happen a iOSsince it is the one that allows to pass the important data of Android a iPhone.

Transferring data with the Move to iOS app

Once installed, we will have to choose the data that we want to transfer from the Android device to our new iPhone. And, as a new option, we find WhatsApp and the amount of data to be transferred. Therefore, it will only remain to choose WhatsApp and proceed to the data migration so that the data of WhatsApp in Android appear in our new iPhone.

This feature doesn’t seem to have been designed insanely. Apparently, to implement it in a totally adequate way, they have worked together both WhatsApp What Manzana and his own Google. Everything to make it the most efficient and useful in order to fulfill its mission.