WhatsApp fingerprint unlock is available for Android

WhatsApp announced on Thursday the launch of WhatsApp fingerprint unlock for Android. With the move, the Facebook-owned company is finally bringing biometric authentication to the Android app, with iPhone users enjoying both Touch ID (fingerprint recognition) and Face ID (facial recognition) since February this year.

With the feature, Android users can now automatically lock the app and unlock it with just their fingerprint. The move comes at a time when WhatsApp is making headlines thanks to a recent hack, and its fallout includes a lawsuit against spyware maker NSO Group that allegedly made the hack possible.

WhatsApp Fingerprint Unlock for Android

Like the Touch ID feature enabled for iPhone users, WhatsApp for Android users can now choose to lock the app, using their fingerprints as authentication to unlock it thereafter. Users can also choose how long the app will lock automatically, from immediately after closing, to after 1 minute, and after 30 minutes. Users will also be able to choose whether the content of their messages will be visible in notifications, including the sender of the message.

The features are clearly visible in the screenshot provided by the company above. To activate WhatsApp fingerprint unlock, users will need to visit Settings> Account> Privacy> Fingerprint lock. Once they enable the Unlock with fingerprint option, they will need to confirm their fingerprint. The feature should start rolling out for Android users around the world soon.

WhatsApp for iOS has an additional feature for now: users can also choose to use Face ID as their means of biometric authentication. As we mentioned, the Touch ID and Face ID options were enabled for iPhone users in February. As for Android, the feature first appeared in beta in August. And the company has now announced its release to users of the stable version.