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WHATSAPP for iOS 7, the wait has been worth it

WHATSAPP for iOS 7, the wait has been worth it


We already have the new one available WHATSAPP for iOS 7. Today, December 3, the update has been released that completely remodels the interface of the most used messaging app and adapts it to the new iOS in our iPhone.

The app’s interface and logo have been changed, making it much brighter and flatter.

The wait has been long, since it has taken no less than almost 3 months for them to update the app. It is something that the APPerlas team, and surely many of you, do not understand. How is it possible that a company that earns so much money, takes so long to release an update to its application? … It is something we do not know.

What we do know is that we don’t think it was to debug WhatsApp as much as possible, since as soon as we updated, a bug popped up and the app closed unexpectedly. It happened to us when updating the “FAVORITE” contacts. Surely soon we will receive a new version correcting it… has it happened to you too?

Was it worth waiting so long? Well, in our view, yes. The truth is that, despite the little problem that has arisen, the app works very well and the integration has iOS 7 It has been total, everything much flatter, simpler and it even seems to work more fluidly than before.

Regarding new options and functions HERE We explain them to you, but basically WhatsApp for iOS 7 has changed the interface and little else. One of the most remarkable things is that the files shared through the app appear with a larger preview, as we can see in the following image…

Here are some screenshots of the long-awaited new version of WhatsApp.


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