WhatsApp notifications do not arrive on the iPhone or Apple Watch

We tell you what to do when, for no apparent reason, WhatsApp notifications do not arrive to the iPhone. If you have thought about everything and you do not know the reason why it can happen to you, in this article we are going to tell you how to solve it.

WhatsApp notifications do not arrive on iPhone

The fault in the whatsapp notifications many can be classified as paranormal phenomena. Without knowing the reason, one day you just stop receiving them and you can go crazy looking for the solution to the problem.

And this usually happens, especially when you have a Apple Watch. Apparently these types of problems tend to affect more when the owner of an iPhone shares notifications with the clock.

Well, if this is your case, we will tell you how to solve it.

If WhatsApp notifications do not arrive on the iPhone and Apple Watch, here we explain the solution:

It has happened to me personally, but the other day a relative told me that it was happening to him. I checked all the notification settings both in the WhatsApp application itself and in the settings of iOS and I couldn’t hit the key. I restarted the phone, updated it… and there was no way the damn message notifications I sent from my phone would get through. iPhone.

But since I have experience in this, I thought that the problem could be caused by the Apple Watch. If you are wearing it, the notifications always reach the watch before the mobile and there could possibly be a problem in the synchronization of the notifications.

After making sure that the watch was in the latest version of WatchOS and that the WhatsApp application was also in the most current version, I proceeded to restart Apple Watch and… voilà!!!, the notifications started to arrive again.

hard reset apple watch

So you already know, if one day WhatsApp stops notifying you as long as the Apple Watch as in the iPhoneafter making sure you have everything updated, restart both devices.

And it is that, as we always say, a restart from time to time is good.