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«WHATSAPP» raises fame and goes to sleep

«WHATSAPP» raises fame and goes to sleep

The apparla It is not updated since September 15, when the number of participants in group chats was increased to 30.

Today it is not adapted for the iPhone 5it has constant crashes on its servers, the user’s profile photos are not updated…

Why this accumulation of nonsense? It is a question that we all ask ourselves. We do not understand how they are taking both in updating and adapting to the new iPhone, on sale for a month.

Not being a free app the least they can do is update their application as quickly and efficiently as possible. We really feel a bit disappointed by the team of this famous application, to whom we could apply the famous saying «RAISE FAME AND GO TO SLEEP«.

We have to arm ourselves with patience and wait for the long-awaited update in which they solve the bugs they currently have. It is rumored that this week it will appear. Let’s hope it is like that.

The APPerlas team is testing a very good alternative to WhatsApp. Soon you will have your analysis.