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Wiko View Max Wifi Authentication Problem Max

Wiko View Max Wifi Authentication Problem Max

Wiko View Max frequently displays the following error message: Authentication problem when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network. This type of problem is likely to come from a number of places. So, so that you can successfully connect to the Wifi network with your Wiko View Max, we have chosen to write this post. We will see with you what to do and where to look to solve this Wifi authentication problem. We will first see what you need to do on the Wiko View Max. Finally, we will see what is the right thing to do and see on your Wifi box.

What to do when the Wiko View Max has an authentication problem on the Wifi network

Forget about the Wifi network on your Wiko View Max

If the Wifi network you are trying to connect to has changed since the last authentication, it is likely that your Wiko View Max writes you the message: Authentication problem or authentication error. If that’s the case, then maybe this is the solution. All you have to do isforget the net Wifi in your Wiko View Max. To do this, go to the Wi-Fi network settings and long press on the network in question. You will then be able to click on the option: forget this network. When it’s ok, you should try to connect to the Wifi network again. If the problem persists, go to the next step.

Press the box button

If your box is of the Orange, Bouygues Telecom, SFR or Numericable brand, sometimes you have a problem with Wifi authentication on the Wiko View Max because the box is not in mode Synchronization. If you want to activate the box synchronization mode, it’s super childish. You will probably see a sync button that you just have to press. When it’s ok, a warning light comes on if all is well flashing. You should then try to connect to the Wifi network with the Wiko View Max. Assuming it still doesn’t work, go to the next tip.

Write the password again

Sometimes the authentication problem comes from the way you enter the Wifi network password. Indeed, it is often difficult to enter a Wifi key on your Wiko View Max. Therefore, we recommend that you try all of the following options:

reset box

As with many computer problems, the solution is sometimes very basic. In fact, 80% of computer problems are solved by restarting the device. Therefore, we recommend that you reset the box and your Wiko View Max. After that try to connect to your Wiko View Max.

Examine the configuration of the box

If none of the above tips work, sometimes the problem is with your provider’s box. So you will need to go to the box settings and check if the key device is correct WPA/WPA2. If not, choose this option. Then try to connect your Wiko View Max to Wifi again. If the authentication problem persists, we recommend that you visit your access provider or mobile phone store.