Xiaomi is working on a powerful series of tablets

Xiaomi launched its latest tablets in 2018 when it launched the Mi Pad 4 range. This series offered mid-range Snapdragon 660 silicon and a decent price. Now, it seems like the wait might end soon, as apparently Xiaomi is working on a powerful new series of tablets.

Xiaomiui Telegram group reports that Xiaomi has at least three models of the powerful tablet series in the works. These have the model numbers K81, K81A and K82, along with the apparent codenames Enuma, Elish, and Nabu respectively. It is unclear if this is the Mi Pad 5 series, although it stands to reason that this would be the case.

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All three are expected to offer quad rear camera setups (main / ultra-wide / macro / depth), wireless charging, quad speakers, NFC and 120Hz IPS LCD screens. Interestingly, the leak points to a 2,560 x 800 resolution, which is likely a typo (presumably 2,560 x 1,800).

The K81 and K81A seem to be the most impressive mobiles, supposedly offering a Snapdragon 870 chipset. This would be a major upgrade for the series, offering flagship power compared to mid-range silicon. Otherwise, the K81 is also said to offer a 48MP camera compared to the K81A which offers a 12MP sensor.

The K82 model apparently differs from the other two devices by offering a set of Snapdragon 860 chips, which would still be a healthy upgrade over the Mi Pad 4 series. It is also designed to offer a 12MP sensor.

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The Xiaomiui group has a solid but not perfect track record when it comes to leaks. However, claims of a powerhouse flagship line up with an earlier claim from frequent Weibo Digital Chat Station whistleblower. The leaker claimed that Xiaomi’s next tablet would offer Snapdragon 800 series silicone and a high refresh rate. Digital Chat Station also previously stated that the Mi Pad 5 would offer an 11-inch screen size, although it is unclear if all the models mentioned above would receive this screen size.