You can now delete messages on WhatsApp easily

We can now delete messages on WhatsApp and thus rectify what we did not want to say or delete something in which we have made a mistake …

Today we talk about the way to delete messages on WhatsApp, something that we were all waiting for and that we finally have it available for all users.

On Telegram We already talked about this fabulous option that allows us to delete messages once we have sent them. And it is that many users asked for this function, since in some way or another it can save us from an uncomfortable situation. Because surely it has happened to all of us that we have sent a message to whom we should not have or we have said something that we should not have said.

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That is why we have been given that “second chance” so that we can rectify and thus amend our mistake. And we are going to explain how we can do it …


The operation is really simple and in two simple steps we will have it done. To do this, we must open the chat in which we want to delete the message.

Once we have it open, we will have to press and hold the wrong message until that famous menu appears at the top of the text. We will have to look for the tab “Remove” and click on it.

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You can now delete messages on WhatsApp easily

Click on delete

It will give us the option to delete it for us or to do it for everyone, obviously, we will have to select the option of “Delete for all.”

You can now delete messages on WhatsApp easily

Click on delete for all

By doing so, it will appear both to us and to the contact with whom we are talking, that we have deleted the message. This means that the other user will know that we have deleted a message, but at least we have deleted what we did not want him to see.

You can now delete messages on WhatsApp easily

It appears to us that the message is deleted

So if you have not yet updated to the latest version of WhatsApp, do so and enjoy this last option that can save us from more than one problem.

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So we already have a new function to make this instant messaging app the best of all or almost all.